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I surprised myself at having the patience to make Italian Onion and Rosemary Confiturra more than once. But it's incredibly easy and the results are worth it. The confiturra tastes unbelievably good and goes with everything. A few things:

* Use a food processor to chop up the onions. It's faster, there's less strain on your wrist and you'll get consistently-sliced onion pieces. The problem with my first batch was that the onion pieces were far too large (although it still tasted good);

* Just turn up the heat in step five. At least, I did. It took forever for the liquid to reduce, so I turned up the heat to full blast and kept stirring. It was done in no time and still tasted good;

* I used mostly white onions for the first batch, and two-thirds red onions and one third shallots for the second batch. Both were delicious, although my personal preference is for the red onions. I found they combined well with the honey and sugar and gave the confiturra a more delicate flavour - however, this is purely personal. My friends loved both and didn't feel there was much of a difference, so maybe I'm just trying to sound like Nigella here;

* This stuff disappears like it's laced with some magical drug. Be prepared to start on your next batch as soon as you're done with the current one. I'll probably make more this weekend as I'm down to the last two jars already;

* I took photos but the lighting was bad. The pictures look like jars with...something in them. So you'll have to take my word for it that using red onions gave the confiturra a lovely purple colour that looked really pretty.
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