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So blueberries were on offer at the store, so I've made blueberry jam this time with fair success and it's a pretty simple recipe to follow.

Only two ingredients - blueberries and sugar in equal quantities (I did 600g of each and got three pots of jam out of it) If the blueberries are very solid, a tablespoon or two of water may be added when you're at the 'softening the fruit' stage. I didn't add any to mine just heated gently until the blueberries began to soften and burst.

1. Wash fruit.
2. Heat gently on low heat stirring thoroughly until fruit begins to burst and juice is flowing
3. Keeping heat low, add sugar and stir continuously until sugar has dissolved.
4. Once sugar is completely dissolved, raise heat and boil rapidly until setting point is reached.
5. Bottle into sterilized jars.

It's a relatively speedy process, the whole thing took me about 30 mins and unlike with other jams that I've made this one didn't really develop a scum. I might if I repeated it, boil it a little longer as it isn't an overly solid jam, but because the blueberries have quite a lot of skin, I would want to be wary of 'overcooking' them and making them tough.


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