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My husband scored a rather large All-American pressure sterilizer at an estate sale for cheap and we ordered the parts to convert it into a pressure canner (the difference is the steam-release valve, the sterilizer has a switch and the canner has a weighted gauge). After it sat in our garage for nearly three years I finally got the guts to give it a shot.

With the Ball Blue Book as my guide, I've successfully canned chicken stock, sweet corn, tomato sauce, chicken soup, and chili. I have to say I'm addicted to the notion of homemade, healthy convenience food! I can't wait until I have something from the garden again to try out.

Does anyone else here can low-acid foods?

Date: 2013-10-11 12:39 am (UTC)
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Yes, we can meat stock in the pressure cooker as well -- usually chicken, also beef. And sometimes tomato sauce.

Date: 2013-10-15 12:38 am (UTC)
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I always wind up spiking the storebought anyway, because I grew up buying plain sauce+diced+paste, so to me there's not a whole lot of difference.

(I also just plain hate the taste of actual tomatoes, much though I like marinara and KC-style BBQ, so having a tomato sauce that doesn't taste like tomatoes is not a bug to me.)

Date: 2013-10-13 09:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] biting_moopie
I don't can food, but I just want to say that I love this post because it's so inspiring to read. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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