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Sep. 15th, 2017 01:22 pm
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When Dad died, we got his car. Much nicer than our old one with one exception. He was a proud Army Pilot Vet and the car declared that from front to back. Unlike my older brother, I'm not "tickled" when someone salutes me or thanks me for my Service. So, I ordered a few things to personalize and while waiting for them to arrive...I stripped it of all it's military stickers and such.
Compared to what was there before there's not much but I'm a bit more quiet than my Dad. On the rear window where 3 stickers were a single Heathen Fish is attached. Where once a Proud Army Pilot vanity plate stood a Celtic Tree of Life does. Add in the Rune Ring I hung from the mirror before I drove it and it's now fully OURS.

i'm swamped

Sep. 15th, 2017 12:21 pm
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I'm teaching a Heraldry 101 class tomorrow at Kingdom A&S and I have exactly one thing typed for a hand out - my list of sources. Everything else is going to be a quick run down, showing off SENA and the Admin Handbook, and then questions! I like answering questions. I will make sure my phone is ready to go and maybe even my notebook computer since it's sometimes easier to see something on that screen that a phone screen.

I am a terrible lecturer. AND Adalyde put me up against Morin's Poison Garden class. HOW COULD SHE. I've offered a prize to whoever shows up to my class with Morin's handout.

I loaned out Seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones to Jenna. She devoured Season 1, so I need to eventually pick up the physical copies of Seasons 4-7.

Dystopia Rising has been awesome lately, I've decided to create a Rover Sawbones (basically a combat medic) and I'm pretty sure I will not use a weapon the first couple of games. Mostly because I need the build for other stuff. Like Rescue and Scrounge and other stuff like that.

I forgot that there was a youngish James Woods in John Carpenter's Vampires. I like this movie a lot, no joke. Then again, I like James Woods. But the effects are really neat. Daniel Baldwin makes me groan a lot, though. I'm not a huge fan of him.

I have an awful lot of stuff to get ready for the month of October. It is full of stuff to do - first weekend in October is actually empty, then there's Coronation, Four Horsemen, Diamond Wars and GAHSS, DR:AR (debuting my Rover on my birthday weekend) and then my cousin Caitlin's wedding. Wow. Busy.

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Sep. 5th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Not going to lie, I much prefer a lot of [personal profile] recessional's YBEB'verse but parts of Civil War isn't too bad. I rather enjoy the excitement of Peter Parker, the ridiculousness of Ant-Man, the way they made Tony Stark look so young in the scene with his parents (Robert Downy Jr really does look much more respectable as an older fellow. He grew into his features. Rather like Ringo Starr and his nose.).

Parts of it is really enjoyable. Parts of it make me cringe. pretty hard.

I got Agent Carter updated and running again. Woo! Yay! It took a bit of hard work, especially when considering the fact that I was on an unstable version of Ubuntu. I had not been previously made aware that the uneven versions are unstable. Now I know that the even ones are the versions I need.

There are a billion loads of laundry that need dealing with, it feels like. All the sheets and towels and napkins and socks. Lots of socks. (Why is this guy such a horrible dude, I cannot stand William Hurt sometimes, ugh, ugh, ugh) I really enjoy Elizabeth Olson and her facial expressions.

I am feeling grumpy because Brent will be going to Texas and he's going through Dallas and it will add a good bit of time. I'm also concerned about Irma because we really don't have any idea of where she's going to go and the Gulf Coast cannot handle another storm like this right now. There's just not a lot of places to go if it hits.

Grump, grump, grump.

I have a hat waiting for me in Metarie at the Scout Shop.
It is a crushable wool felt hat. Crushable. That's a fancy hat.

Jenna's got to take Oliva (a mutual friend) to the airport tomorrow, so I'm going to ride with her and we'll stop on the way.

(Yes, I am being avoidant of Irma and any sort of thing.)

DVD Review: 'Hidden'.....

Sep. 5th, 2017 10:21 am
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This flick is the Z version of 'The Sixth Sense'. It's not bad, just gets a bit tedious the 1st half with the family cowering in the old fallout shelter from any noise from the surface. The end was the best part....


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